October 21, 2019

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Your Meetings

Westminster Woods provides two options for meetings: a Dining and Small Meeting Hall, and a Meeting Center (which is located in the same building as the Chapel). The Meeting Center is described below; the Dining and Small Meeting Hall is described at the bottom of this page.


Meeting Center


The meeting center provides a large meeting space, kitchenette for refreshments and coffee, and restrooms. A stone patio can be used in good weather.


A set of full-height folding doors allow the meeting space to be opened up to the outdoor patio area. This allows warm-weather meetings to utilize a larger combined space while providing additional seating for 24 to 30 guests on the patio.


The 1600 square-foot facility was designed to handle more than a hundred people at one time, depending upon how it is configured (concert, classroom, or theater layout), and whether the optional outdoor patio seating is used.




The Meeting Center occurs in a pleasant setting, and the Center's tall windows allow users to enjoy the forest at any time of year. The projection screen and whiteboard are oriented away from the windows,so meeting participants can focus on a presentation.







The Meeting Center can be entered from the spacious patio, with restrooms and a small buffet area (providing coffee service and a small refrigerator) located just inside the entrance.






The Meeting Center has plugs conveniently located throughout (including the floor), so laptops and projectors can be set up wherever they are needed.







The Meeting Center has a motorized retractable screen situated at an ideal height so participants in the back row have just as good a view as those in the front row.








The Meeting Center has a whiteboard located behind sliding, knotty-pine panels, so when you don't need it, it is hidden away! 










The Meeting Center is being used here for a meeting with a modified concert layout, featuring two chair sections and an angled center aisle.








The meeting center can be configured in many different ways. The Weddings page shows how it can be arranged in either concert or theatre layouts. For workshops and trainings, many guests like to arrange it in classroom layout, as shown in this diagram:


Chapel classroom 


Dining and Small Meeting Hall

Smaller groups can meet and dine in this 500 square-foot hall. The kitchen area has an electric range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, cooking utensils, and enough dishes and silverware for 24 people. There is also a telephone here, and a restroom with a shower. Large windows on the north and east sides merge this space with a beautiful natural setting. A large concrete apron adjoins this building and, in combination with two outdoor propane grills, allows it to function well for outdoor dining (whether in the open, or under an awning or shelter).


The Dining and Small Meeting Hall functions well for smaller meetings. Groups can set up the tables in whatever configuration is desired. A large kitchen space is immediately adjacent to the area used for meetings.


Dining hall_meetingDining hall_kitchen


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