October 21, 2019

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  • Worship 10:00
  • Sunday School at 10:20
  • Fellowship at 11:00             in theRogers Room.



Office: 541-276-7681

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The chapel was completed in 2008. The site location was selected to provide the utmost seclusion and reflection.


The 1600 square-foot facility was designed to handle more than a hundred people at one time, depending on how it is configured (concert, classroom, or theater layout), and whether the outdoor patio area is used. The outdoor patio area includes approximately 550 square feet, and can provide seating for up to 40 people depending on how seating is arranged.





The chapel provides a large worship or meeting space, restrooms, storage, a small kitchenette, and a large outdoor patio area. A set of full-height folding doors allows the indoor space to be connected with the outdoor patio area, allowing summer weddings and other warm-weather events to use a larger combined space. As shown in the photo below, some users choose to erect a temporary canopy over the patio area to make their guests more comfortable.






The chapel was carefully constructed to a very high design standard. Several large trees had to be removed before construction could begin, and they were transported to a local sawmill and then converted into exterior siding (western larch) or natural ceiling material (Douglas-fir). Not only was this the right approach as faithful stewards of a forested property, but it resulted in beautiful building materials as well.

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