October 21, 2019

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Westminster Woods Camp and Conference Center provides an ideal setting for your next family reunion, business meeting, church retreat, or other special event.

Playing Fields

Several large playing fields are available for either day use or for activities associated with longer events. Despain Field provides a mowed grass setting, and it is often used for softball or baseball.

despain field_revised

Because the water system reaches it, Despain Field is also used for summer water activities such as slip-and-slides. Activities that don't require water, such as parachute games, are also popular at Despain Field.



The new play field located north of Despain Field is set up to accommodate soccer and other large-field games. Soccer goal cages and nets are available at Westminster Woods for the soccer activity. Other play-field activities (flag football, tag, etc.) also use the new play field.



In 2006, a regulation-size volleyball court was added to one end of the play field, with poles at the proper height and spacing, and almost 100 tons of clean, soft sand was brought in to add to the enjoyment! Nice nets are available at Westminster Woods for the volleyball activity.

Volleyball court

Sand volleyball court

Chessboard construction
Large outdoor chess set

Flowers, shrubs, and trees

At least 120 different varieties of wild flowers and more than 30 varieties of shrubs have been identified at Westminster Woods. Also, 20 different wild grasses are found in the numerous meadows on the property.


Calypso orchid

The forest consists mostly of grand fir, Douglas-fir, western larch, lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, western white pine, and Engelmann spruce. A few quaking aspen and black cottonwood trees are also present.


A wildflower guide (61 pages) is available for Westminster Woods. It uses color photographs to describe 54 of the most common plants found on the 66-acre grounds. In the guide, plants are organized by flower color, which makes it easier to identify an unknown wildflower. Copies of this full-color guide can be purchased from the First Presbyterian Church of Pendleton office, located at 201 SW Dorion in Pendleton, or they can be purchased at the Westminster Woods site. Cost per spiral-bound guide is $12.

Flower guide_cover


Over 2 miles of marked trails criss-cross the property for both summer hiking and winter skiing. Trails connect the three primary meadows (Despain field, soccer or playing field, and a natural meadow near the Oregon Trail location) with buildings and other activity centers on the 66-acre property.


Hiking trail

Trails are mowed and maintained in the summer to allow easy access, and all trails are marked using metal signs mounted on trees adjacent to the trail. A large loop trail allows access to the far reaches of the property, including the Oregon Trail gravesite and Oregon Trail wagon ruts in the southwest corner.


Completing trail maintenance

Shorter trails connect all of the major developments at Westminster Woods, including the dining/meeting hall with the amphitheater and the lower kitchen area (this is a day-use area with playground, restrooms, fire pit, etc.). During the winter, the trail system receives use for both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Disk Golf

Westminster Woods offers a 9-hole disk (Frisbee ®) course, with the holes integrated into the forested part of the property. Total length of the course is 2,243 yards, and par is 36 for the 9 holes. A scorecard is available for the course.

frisbee golf

Disk golf hole

golf scorecard




Westminster Woods has many different birds during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. At last count, at least 45 bird species have been recorded for Westminster Woods. How many species can you find? Here is the Westminster Woods bird list:



A new bird guide, prepared by local bird expert Jack Simons, was recently published for Westminster Woods. It includes 45 common bird species, each illustrated with a beautiful color photograph. Species are described by using these characteristics: general overview; similar species; description; habitat; nesting; behavior; conservation status; and longevity record. Each bird description has a space to record where and when it was seen. Copies of this full-color guide can be purchased from the First Presbyterian Church of Pendleton office, located at 201 SW Dorion in Pendleton, or they can be purchased at the Westminster Woods site. Cost per spiral-bound guide (102 pages) is $12.

Bird guide_cover


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